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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does Outsourcing Support Services make sence?

What are advantages of OUTSOURCING Back Office Support?

Businesses STRUGGLE with these key items:

· Budget
· Business Loans
· Equipment Expenditure Needs
· Telecom Costs
· Office Space needs
· Benefits for Employees
· Salaries
· Overhead vs. Profit

In this market, with the economy changing so frequently and drastically, it just makes since to outsource services. Outsourcing will CHANGE:

· Budget – you budget ONLY for the support you need
· Business Loans – loans won’t need to be taken out to pay for salaries or equipment
· Equipment – the outsource has all of their own, computers, routers, printer, toner, paper, etc.
· Telecommunication costs – the outsourced team has all of their own phones, phone lines, internet, headset, etc
· Office Space – the outsourced is remote, no office space required
· Benefits – the outsourced is responsible for their own taxes, medical, dental, vision, life insurance & 401K
· Salaries – there are no salaries - you only pay for time actually worked
· Overhead vs. Profit – we don’t calculate any percentage of your commissions for our compensation, we will only invoice you for time actually worked.

Outsourcing will help you GAIN:

· More time for sales
· A support team that you don’t have to train
· A support team that helps you diverse into multiple carriers markets
· Experienced
· 1099 support is a tax benefit

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