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Monday, May 4, 2009

Price, Provisioning & Commission Problems Reported at New Online Forum

Click the link above to view the article about the Project Manager Forum we will co-managing with the Telecom Association.

"By Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director

TA has created a new online forum where TA members can report pricing, provisioning and commissioning problems they are having with their providers. Click here to access the forum now to read about or report problems.

The "Project Manager (PM) Forum", is for channel partner and telecom agency project managers, owners and other operations personnel so they have an objective "non-sales" place to go to report and solve problems they're having with their carriers, resellers or providers and to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

The PM forum will be moderated by TA member Hollie Clere of Clerecomm, an outsourced provider of operational and administrative services for telecom agencies and providers. "For over six years we've been working with all the major providers to make sure our client's deals are priced, provisioned and paid correctly", stated Hollie Clere. "There are very few pricing, provisioning and commission problems we have not seen an solved. We are honored that TA invited us to share our expertise with TA members by moderating the PM forum."

The PM forum is not conceived to be a "shooting gallery" for agents to take cheap shots at carriers so much as to be a place for everyone to quickly learn about topical problems and the best ways to solve or avoid the problems."

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