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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clere Communications Named Top 5 2012 "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" by Telecom Association


LAKE ELSINORE, CA – February 23, 2013 – Clere Communications a seasoned Telecom Back Office Support and Social Media provider won the distinction as the Top 5 provider in the industry as determined by validated 2012 reviews from the 3,800 members of Telecom Association, a professional membership organization of telecom and technology consultants, agents, brokers and sales partners founded in 1996.


Selection as a “Partner’s Choice” Award winner showcases Clere Communications’s long term commitment to technology solutions that work in the "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" category as well as customer service excellence.


“Our association members are heavily experienced technology industry consultants and channel sales partners that have compared all the best and affordable vendors against one another before recommending one or two to their business clients who view them as trusted advisors”, stated Telecom Association’s Executive Director, Dan Baldwin. “They know which vendors to watch out for and which ones to recommend so having them review Clere Communications as the “Top 5” means Clere Communications is both trusted and proven in the "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" category.”


It’s not by chance that Clere Communications won this category in 2012. While business end users are exacting in their "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" solution requirements, the independent sales partners and reviewing members of Telecom Association are even more so. “End users want to prevent repeats of the dozens of technology mistakes they’ve experienced in the past but Telecom Association members want to avoid the hundreds of errors they’ve seen occur to clients”, stated Clere Communications President, Hollie Clere,.  Clere Communications  has crafted our "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" support to be engineered to the strictest requirements of the harshest audience – telecom and technology sales partners. Our 2012 win means we’ve been listening to our sales partners and they like what they see in our "Agent Helpdesk" & "Agent Marketing" solutions as a result.”



ABOUT Clere Communications – Founded in 2003, and led by Hollie Clere, Clere Communications  specializes in helping Telecommunication Agencies grow by assisting in order and project management of multi-location businesses select, install and manage their phone, Internet, mobile and data systems. Clere Communications also provides consulting and social media branding solutions including, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and the tools to manage content.


ABOUT TELECOM ASSOCIATION – Founded in 1996, Telecom Association is a professional membership organization of 3,800 individual members and over 50 telecom and technology vendors that help businesses with their telecom, Internet, data network and technology integration needs. For more information about Telecom Association please contact Dan Baldwin, Executive Director 31500 Grape Street #3-307 Lake Elsinore, CA  92532 (951)251-5155, l




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