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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Management or Administrative Services

When considering how to fulfill Back Office or Project Management needs, one will review experience, budget and time. When housing a full time employee you consider your bottom line, training, supplies, benefits, ramp up and office space.

The support we offer is tailored to our customers' needs. Outsourcing provides many freedoms and growth opportunities to any business.

We have experience with multiple Telecommunication Providers offering Analog, Voice T1's, ISDN BRI, DSL, ISDN PRI, Frame Relay, DS1, DS3, OC3, Dedicated, ATM, Internet, Ethernet, Long Distance and more.

We offer you and your customer:

* Extensive knowledge of Telecom Products and Services
* Pricing and contracts
* Order Management and Order Delegation
* Professional Start to Finish Project Management
* Proactive Problem Resolution
* Industry Resources to "Get the Job Done"
* Administrative / Back Office Support
* Account Optimization Audits
* Repair / Support Assistance
* Commissions Management
* RFP Negotiation
* Billing resolution
* Many other services that fit your business structure

Types of Associates:
* Project Manager/Provisioner
* Administrator/Back Office Support
* Business Audit Representative
* Data Entry Representative
* Commissions Management Representative

We have many package options, so call today to see which package and services that work best for your company.

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