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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Telecommunications Auditing

We can provide an audit of all communication related expenses.

In this audit, we analyze:
* How competitive are vendors’ rates
* Accuracy of billing
* Most cost effective solution

On average, we discover and recover billing errors that average 15% to 30% on each monthly Telecommunications invoice. Our goal is to reduce monthly communication expenses. Most of an organizations communication costs are 60% of their monthly budgeted expenses. This includes all voice, data and long distance services, networking and communication devices. With a thorough audit of each bill, we can recommend the reduction, elimination or consolidation of those expenses. Then, with your approval we will implement these changes. The goal is to save as much money as possible with a solution that makes sence.

We do not have Master Agency with Any Carrier, so we are not partial to propose any specific providers.

You will receive . . .
* A full itemized inventory of each location/account detail.
* Detailed descriptions of the function of each communication service.
* A financial analysis of current rates vs. new reduced rates after the recommended savings were implemented.

We require the most recent invoices and bills for all local, Internet and long distance service, current communication equipment bills, a letter of authorization to view the account (required by each telecommunications carrier) and a meeting to discuss your current communications infrastructure.

What we offer:
* Professional Start to Finish Project Management
* Extensive knowledge of Telecom Products and Services
* Order Management and Order Delegation

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