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Friday, June 5, 2009

TEM Solutions

Telecom Expense Management is the art of managing carrier invoices on a monthly basis. We can help with some of your small to medium size accounts. With access to customer invoices, we can validate carrier charges, identify any billing issues and make corrections to any errors on a monthly basis. We fully implement corrections and credits on the customers’ behalf. We ensure all changes through completion and guarantee if there is an error, it is rectified.

Our goal is to help you & your customer manage and maintain communication expenses on a monthly basis. You will never have to deal with the dispute process with the carriers moving forward. Most of an organizations communication expenses are related to monthly billing with the telecommunications provider(s). This includes all voice, data, Internet and long distance services.
We require access to view the accounts and a Letter of Authorization, providing us with permission to pursue credits and correct the accounts on the customers' behalf

· We granularly comb through every aspect of a customer's account with each carrier
· We have relationships with most of the large carriers across the United States which has given us the ability to build relationships with the billing teams, order centers and product validation groups
· We have the ability to recover credits for up to 24 months with most carriers
· Our Implementation Staff is in house and is seasoned in process and order management

Each month the customer will receive . . .
· A financial analysis of what is paid - specifically noting if any disputes have been submitted to the carrier for billing errors.
· Reports tailored to customers' internal accounts payable reporting

No matter the size of your customer, we have a solution for you. We also work with TEM providers with database applications for large opportunities as well.

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