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Monday, July 13, 2009

Telecom Challenge

In these uncertain economic times, Agents are challenged with how to bring in new business, maintain existing customer bases, and hit carrier commitment levels. The other challenge is the surge in Social Network Marketing, time and budgeting all of the above. How do you overcome these obstacles?

The Telecom Challenge

(1) Give a little to gain a lot - what does this look like? Giving that time is disappearing, bills are increasing and customers are thinning out, you need to invest in client management. Client management is constant contact with your customers assuring them that you are there for them during these economic times. Invite them to an account review to ensure that their services are up to date and contracts are under the best promotions. Contact them when new promotions are released, but involved in their day to day. Be an advocate on a higher level.

(2) How can someone achieve this when time is so thin and budget is low? Outsourcing this service will provide a great buffer for you & the client. By providing a team of people who are there to support you, your customers and their needs. In fact, we have an entire process dedicated to help you achieve this. If you haven't taken a look at our new support offerings, you should consider them.

(3) Flat rate packages keep you from questioning time vs reward. We have launched a few new plans that are offered on a flat rate basis that will help you budget long term your Client Management Services vs your Back Office/Pm Services. Contact a Representative today to see what this may look like for you. You will be pleased at the affordable package rates.

(4) Some Partners have gone back to the drawing board. When you consider your sales volume, your carrier contracts vs. time, some partners have gone back to project managing & placing their own orders. What they have not seen is the decrease in visibility in the marketplace. As they have been working on projects - they haven't been in the field managing customers, increasing sales and hitting carrier commitments. Press in & continue to allow your Back Office Support to provide those services for you. It will pay for its self in the long run. No matter how small or large the deal, if your core gifting is in sales - you will spend more time in paperwork and management then you would if you were in the field selling. We continue to offer support for Agents, Partners and Auditors. It is our core & what we pride our selves in.

Consider these as Challenges for your business. Do you have what it takes to give a little to gain all of the things your business is committed on providing for your Customer Support Experience? It isn't about just getting an order in the system, it is about long term relationship building and maintenance.

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