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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Xeesm™ Building Momentum With Indirect Channel Partners

New business opportunity for entrepreneurs building a profitable social medium business


Palo Alto, CA Apr 28, 2010 – Xeequa Corp. a provider of social business applications with over 30,000 users in 24 countries announced today that it will sell its solutions through business partners worldwide.

The company’s Social Relationship Management systems will continue to be supported by the company, training, consulting services and solution implementation will be provided by trained business partners.

“Since the launch of our Social Relationship Manager, Xeesm™ (pronounce ‘see sum’), in summer 2009, we rapidly grew our user base worldwide,” said Xeequa CEO, Axel Schultze who explained the reason for building a partner network.

The decision to build a partner channel was based on three objectives:

• To provide localized support wherever our users are located

• To be able to scale at the speed of social media growth

• To use the most cost-efficient sales model.

“In addition to our strategic objectives, we understand that collaborating with others is a cornerstone to success and to a large degree what social media is all about,” Schultze added.

Xeesm™ Business Partners from the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Singapore have been trained by the company in three major areas including product knowledge, sales strategies, and business planning.

“In helping Telecommunications Agents grow their business with Social Media, we have found that the Xeesm social relationship management tool can help organizations through their entire social selling process from initial engagement to the final sale and service” said Hollie Clere Project Manager / Auditor, Clere Communications, LLC, Colorado, USA. “We are excited to Partner with Xeesm to better enhance the social media support services we offer to our clients.”

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